More than just upcycling: the table of a manor house kitchen, the bench of an ancient farm, nails, old wood, window frames, cords and door fittings – all of them are given new life in Katrin Arens’ workshop. They are transformed in unusual details from furniture and objects, but remain recognisable and tell stories. The scars in the wood and the scent of long-forgotten paints and oils also unfold their own magic. Careful processing and traditional craft techniques ensure functionality and durability.

Katrin Arens is a passionate collector of objects and materials and has been fascinated by the reuse of wood, textiles and metal for many years. After her graphic design degree in Düsseldorf she turned this passion into a career and, through a scholarship at the Art Academy in Bergamo Italy, she found a place to live and work. In her workshops in the “Molini di sotto” and the old factory in Villa d’Adda, since 1995 she has created unusual garments, furniture and furnishings which convey the spirit of the past and a piece of Italian lifestyle.